Life Over 56  

One Knows They are Having a Bad Day When:

  • They are late and rush to get to work only to realize they are still wearing their pajamas.

  • They look for their wallet and find it in the washing machine after they washed their clothes.

  • They are stopped by a police officer and their driver's license expired 5 months ago.

  • They place a curbside order in Phoenix, AZ. Then, get an Email that their order is ready for pickup in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

    When I wrote this about a curbside order, never did I think it could actually happen to me. I only saw the possibility of it happening.

    GUESS WHAT? It happened! I placed a local order here and the default retail location is Conroe, TEXAS. Conroe Texas is 963 miles from here as the crow flies.

    I woke up at 2:05 am and thought I would check on the order. I got an email that my order would be delivered to Conroe, Texas!

    When the situation was resolved, I closed my account at that store.

  • Their car alarm goes off and they can't shut it off.

  • They accidentally kick the Flash Drive in their computer sitting under their desk and it breaks in half.

  • They turn up their furnace temperature when it is 15 degrees below zero and the furnace is broken!

  • They are watching their favorite show on TV and the power goes out.

  • They go to the refrigerator and all of the frozen food is thawed out.

  • They are late for work and their car suddenly stops for no reason.

  • They are on a long trip in the Desert 🌵 and they are almost out of gas when they see a sign that reads: Next Gas Station 37 Miles.

  • They are putting groceries in their car's trunk and the wind blows their grocery cart into a luxury car.

  • They get in their boat to go fishing and the boat runs out of gas in the middle of the lake.

  • They start to prepare dinner and their kitchen sink is clogged.

  • They take a shortcut home and after driving 5 miles, they see a sign that reads "Bridge Out - ROAD CLOSED".

  • They get to a GRAND OPENING SALE and the line at the door is three blocks long.

  • They go to their DREAM CONCERT that offers a special gift to the first 100 people and find they are number 101.

  • They get on a Bus and fall asleep, then wake up Back at the Bus Transfer Station.

  • They ask someone if they have seen their glasses and get told they are wearing them.

  • They get ready for a Midnight Madness sale and their car won’t start.

  • They spend hours setting up a Yard Sale and it rains.

  • They wake up and their electric is out.

  • They need to go and are stuck in a 5 hour traffic jam.

  • They are called into the office and the boss tells them the STORE is closing and they don’t have a job anymore.

  • They get ready to pay for much needed groceries and find they put their Glucometer Kit in their pocket instead of their Wallet.

  • They rush to the store to get a new Cell Phone that is on sale and find the store closed 3 hours ago.

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