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  • FAST CAR:   SALES PERSON:   What kind of vehicle are you looking for?   JORDAN: The fastest car you have.   SALES PERSON: Why?   JORDAN: So I can stay ahead of my UTILITY BILLS.

  • FUN OUT OF DRIVING:   NURU: How is your new car doing?   KADE: I don't know. If do not turn off the lights it turns them off form me. If I don't close the trunk a light on the dash tells me it is open. When I get low on gas a little gas pump icon appears on my dash. And if the parking brake is on it warns me. They have taken all the fun out of driving!

  • RACE WITH MY CAR:   JACE: How are you doing?   MORGAN: Not so good. I'm in a race with my car to see who will last the longest. It looks like my car is winning.

  • CAR WON'T START:   LINCOLN: When my car won't start, my brother always offers to help me get it started because he says he knows everything.

  • LIKE YOUR CAR:   COREY: I really like your car.   Glenn: My car is for sale. ... How much did you say you like my car?

  • SPARK PLUG:   MECHANIC: Good News, you only have a bad spark plug in your car. A spark plug will cost about $7.50.   THE BAD NEWS IS: we had to take the intake manifold off and remove half of the engine to get at the spark plug. The labor for that will be about 2,000 dollars plus tax.


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