Life Over 56  


  • SANITARY SEWER:   Are Sewers really SANITARY?

  • BORED:   Not Bored or Depressed:   One of our government agencies may be able to help.

  • MIRROR:   Customer: I want to return this Mirror. It is defective. Every time I look in it, it makes me look old.

  • ROBO CALLER:   I’m sorry I don’t Speak "Robo!" "Click."

  • DEBATE:   Don’t let a bad debate spoil a GOOD NAP!

  • HOT AIR:   Washington DC can have a lot of HOT AIR and a FREEZE waning at the same time!

  • BILLS:   Bills are like ANTS, they never completely go away.

  • PREMIUM FINANCIAL PACKAGE:   UPGRADE: to a Premium Finance Package today and get your WALLET cleaned at no additional cost!

  • SURVEY:   Fill in our Survey and get 10,000 unwanted Emails "ABSOLUTELY FREE."

  • REPO PERSON:   On a scale of |1 - 5|   How Likely are you to Recommend Your Car REPO Person?

  • OLD AS DIRT:   A Person was told, You are as Old as Dirt. The Person Replied:   Boy are You Wrong, I was Born before Dirt was Invented!

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