Life Over 56  


  • DREAM CAME TRUE:  STAR: My dream of owning a new home came true, but it turned into a nightmare gone bad.   NIGHT: Why?   STAR: After I bought my home, it rained for a week and washed it down the river.   NIGHT: At least you had flood insurance, didn't you?   STAR: No. I canceled it thinking I was going to save money. Now I am HOMELESS with an empty lot close to the river.

  • American Dream:  Casey: I'm living the American Dream.   Parker: I'm living a Nightmare.   Casey: A Nightmare is a Dream!

  • BAD NIGHT:   SKY: I had a Bad Dream last night.   RIVER: What was it about?   SKY: I don't know.   River: Then, how do you know it was a Bad Dream?   SKY: Because it woke me UP.

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