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COMMENTARY & EDITORIALS focused on Life Over 56 ONLY:   This page is my opinion based on Life Over 56. It is not intended to be a traditional editorial page. Just Life Over 56.



  • THE WEB:   is a drawing I drew many years ago depicting the sterile loneliness one can encounter with so many electronic devices that seem to dominate our lives. Has social media enhanced human interrelations or has it pushed meaningful relationships onto a little 3 by 7 inch screen and out of real live human interactions?

  • "FREEDOM OF CHOICE":   We know you are going to make the right choice based on our GUIDELINES.

  • I find society living in a trivial world infested with too much cronyism, political bickering, forced compliance tactics all while being tracked by too many electronic devices.

  • I tried social media several times and found it made me feel lonely and left out. My ability to control what I wanted to communicate was not there. Mainly because I did not feel able to belong to so many different interests at the same time. Art, Writing, Music and Computers are my passions. And, since my wife was placed in a nursing home, Life Over 56 is now the center of my life and interests. I have talked to so many people who share the same sudden loss of someone or have had a catastrophic health decline as I have.

  • I cherish the human interaction with others who have had the same experiences and want to share their stories with me. It makes me feel I am not alone in my struggle to make sense of a world I have lived in for over three quarters of a century.

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