Life Over 56  


*It is important for one to consult with their trainer or
health care provider before beginning any new exercises.*


    I modified the handle bars because I would walk by the bike and would get poked in the ribs by the handlebar. I raised the handlebars because I have the bike to hopefully help my vary mild COPD. I put my oximeter on my first finger and keep my sessions to about 6 minutes unless I get short of breath.

WHY WOULD ANYONE who could lift over 300 pounds(136kg) ever want to buy 2, 3, 5 & 7.5lb weights? Well, it is because I could lift well over 300lbs in 1969. That is a far cry from what I can lift today. As a matter of fact, it was hard for me to take a 40 bottle pack of water into the house.

Six months ago I had let my physical condition get so bad that I could not get out of my car without putting both hands on top of my car door. Today I get out of my car hands free and am working to get back in shape.

A TIMER FOR MY EXERCYCLE:   I put a tablet/cell phone holder on my Sunny Exercise bike and use a cell Timer app to tell how long I use the bike

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