Life Over 56  


  • WATER BOTTLE:   WATER: HOW'S THE BOTTLED WATER?   SUN:  The water is OK I guess, but the bottle is so thin I can feel the water inside.

  • DINNER READY:   How long before dinner? I don't know. The delivery truck is running late.

  • GREAT DAY:   I HAD A GREAT DAY TODAY. I cooked dinner without burning it.

  • BOTTLED WATER:   MY BOTTLED WATER can't be all that bad. I can see through the bottle.

  • SAUCEPAN:   BLAKE: I'm Looking for a 1 quart sauce pan. A sales clerk shows Blake a 1 Quart sauce pan. BLAKE: How much does this saucepan hold?   Sales Clerk: One Quart!

  • IMPROVED:   New & Improved. Now fortified with with even more CHEMICALS.

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