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  • CELL PHONE DOC:   DENVER: I'm going to take my cell phone to the doctor today.   HARLOW: Why?   DENVER: Because it has POP-UP and APP disease and I want to see if the doctor can CURE IT.

  • MOON ROCKET:   This is ASTRO: calling Earth. CONTROL: We read you loud and clear. ASTRO: I forgot the password to ignite my spaceship's rocket so I can return to Earth. Can you tell me my password?   CONTROL: We are not allowed to give out passwords over the phone. You will have to come back to Earth to get it.

  • PHONE HELP:   Mir: When I have trouble with my cell phone, I ask for backup.  Kai: Who do you ask?   Mir: My CHILDREN."   Kai: How old are your children? Mir:   My youngest is 56.

  • ANSWERING MACHINE:   Phone: I'm either assisting other buyers or on the other line. If you will leave you name and number, I will return your call sometime in this CENTURY.

  • WATCH TV:   Sam: Why do your just lay there and watch TV all day?   Lake: Because it is my VIRTUAL work-at-home JOB.

  • DRUMMER: It's hard to BEAT being a drummer.

  • BREAKING NEWS: A Scientist now believes that RAIN is caused by water falling from the SKY.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Media leaves me alone!   ★ Pun intended.

  • TV: We interrupt our 100 commercials to bring you a PROGRAM BREAK.

  • CHAT ROOM: I don't now any 5 letter words.

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