Life Over 56  


  • KICK THE CAN: When I was young I kicked a can, when I was in grade school I kicked a soccer ball, when I was in high school I kicked a football. Now I am worried I might KICK THE BUCKET!

  • WARNING: Warning the water in this lake is WET!

  • DESERT HERMIT: A hermit living in a desert was asked, "Why do you live here all alone?" The hermit replied, "Because it is better than living all alone and homeless in a big city.

  • TURKEY HUNTING: Two carpenters were discussing going TURKEY hunting.   James told Lake he should not go turkey hunting because he knew nothing about turkey hunting.   Lake said, "I know everything there is to know about turkey hunting."   James said, "If you are so smart, which leg do you put the game tag on?" Lake said' "The front leg stupid." (This conversation was between Jim & Lee, my coworkers over 30 years ago.)

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