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  • PRICES:   SHOPPER to MANAGER: Why does your product quality go down and the prices go up. MANAGER: We have to keep product quality and price in balance, You Know!

  • WINDY SALES PRESENTATION:   After a long winded sales presentation the sales representative asks, Have I answered all of your questions. BUYER You didn't ask me any questions?

  • CUSTOMER:   Looking at a product tell's the clerk, " I like your product' but I would like it in blue: SALES CLERK: It is blue. It is just covered with dust. It is not a big seller.

  • SWEEPSTAKES:   ENTER OUR SWEEPSTAKES: and get over 1.5 billion chances to win NOTHING!

  • CASH:   CUSTOMER STANDING IN LINE: said, "You paid with cash. How old fashioned is that?" - This actually happened to me.

  • PAYMENTS:   Ebb: How was your shopping trip today?   Flow: I stopped by the gas station and they now have a booth where one can arrange for payments on a tank of GAS.

  • EXPIRED:   Customer to Manager: This can of beans has an expired USE by date. Can you find me a can that has a USE BY DATE in this CENTURY?

  • When ASKED where something is located:   A store clerk points toward an aisle and says, "It's over there on the bottom shelf." So THEY go to the bottom shelf and there is nothing remotely close to the product they asked about.

  • The Shopper asks someone else and they say, "OH, that product is at the end of aisle 13." So they go there and find nothing.

  • Then the shopper asks a third person and they tell them they have not carried that product for over 15 years.

  • So they gave up, went home and found what they wanted on Amazon.

  • WENT TO A SALE:   Elder went to a sale expecting to find products on the shelf and sees empty shelves where the sale products are supposed to be. And all of the shelves of higher priced items are stuffed full. It would not be so bad, but after going to the store several times the shelves are still empty.   However, when the sale is over, the shelves are often full and sometimes the price is higher.

  • A CLERK ASKED:   How can I help you today?   Mira: says I,m looking for short 3/8 inch *rebars. CLERK: I really like Rebars. What are they?   So , Mira asks, "Do you have any **M6-1.0 x 30mm bolts.   Mira : gets something like, I think they are in our garden center. (In other words, they have no idea what Mira is looking for.)

    * Rebars are Concrete Reinforcing Bars
    **M6-1.0 x 30mm is: A Cap Screw (or bolt) that is 6 millimeters in diameter (about a quarter on an inch) with a thread pitch of 1.0 and 30 millimeters long.

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