Life Over 56  


  • BALL GAME:   DALLAS: What is your favorite part of a ball game.   HAO: The hot dogs, sodas & cotton candy.

  • APPETITE:   James: Why did you order three large Pizzas?   Barbell: I want to make sure I have enough energy to finish my workout at the gym today.

  • GOLF CLUB: Why is Golf your favorite sport?  PLAYER: Because I can ride in my Golf Cart between my STROKES!   ✯ Pun Intended.

  • SHOPPING:   Fran: Lets go shopping for some new Exercise Equipment.   OK?   Walker: Will you hand me my cell phone so I can log into my Exercise Equipment Shop APP? I don't Want to get up off this comfy couch.

  • FISHING:   Mica: We have been fishing here all day and the water is so clear I can see the fish ignoring my line and they just aren't biting. Kelly: Maybe the FISH don't like you staring at them!

  • BASKETBALL:   Coach: to Player: That was a great basket you made during last nights game. The only problem is you shot the ball into the other team's BASKET!

  • FOOTBALL:   Coach: to Player: In order to play a game well, One must be smarter than the football. Now get out on the field and don't let the FOOTBALL outsmart you!

  • WEIGHTS: CARSON tells a friend: Next week I am going to take my weight lifting to the next level. I am going from 3 pound weights to mind blowing 5 pound Super Weights.

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