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My violin is a difficult instrument for me to learn to play for several reasons

  1. The violin does not fit my 155lb(70kg) body. My clavicle is huge from carrying heavy boards on my shoulder as a construction worker for over 30 years.

  2. I have moderate arthritis in both hands and it makes it difficult for me to play the notes.

  3. I have a slight tremor once in a while.

  4. I have difficulty in moving the bow across the strings without hitting the other strings.

However, I am determined to learn to play it well.

One of the questions that comes up over and over again on the web is does a violin hurt ones fingers more or less than a guitar. I have found that the violin is a lot easier on my fingers than either my acoustical or electric guitar. But the violin is difficult for me to hold properly and can put a strain on my shoulder after a while.

MY TAKE ON IT IS: I will learn to play all of my instruments. Not out of determination, but for range of motion and dexterity exercises and of course my flute for lung exercise. It forces me to deep breath and helps me breath better. "Others may not get the same result."


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