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  • How much does a Personal Website cost?   That depends on the size, content and amenities of the site.

    The cost of a URL (A.K.A) Web address (usually .com) can vary a whole lot. My two Web URLs cost - at present - about 15.00 dollars per year for both.

    Then there is the Internet Service Provider or ISP for short. My sites are hosted by inMotion Hosting. It costs about 8-10 dollars a month.

    Now! Can one make a Website on their own? Let me put it this way: I have a degree in Computer Information Systems in Networking year - 2003. But I do not do bare bone personal sites. I love to push the line and go big on graphics, because I also have a Bachelor of Fines Arts in Printmaking 1992, from Arizona State University and I struggle to keep up with all the new Website code changes. To create my comments database on Life Over 56, I had to relearn PHP and MySql database connection. The last time I used PHP was version 4. I am now using version 7.

    That said: One can build a Web site using Web creation software. However, Even the simplest Website entails a daunting amount of time and usually has a very steep learning curve. There is simply not a lot of good Web editors out there for FREE. Even if there were more editors, Creating a Website is not for the squeamish. I hard code all of my digital content and do my own Photography and image manipulation. The first Website I created was around 1990. Most people would give up trying in a very short time.

    Having a working website is just the beginning. Driving viewers to one's Website is far more difficult than creating a one.

    BOTTOM LINE: Building even a basic Website from scratch is out of reach for all but a very few.

    Yes. You can have a Website. Some Internet service providers offer Website builders for free. Some Website builder software providers offer free or a free trial before signing up for a fee based version.

    But be careful especially if one gets frustrated or stressed out easily. They might want to get medical approval before attempting making a Website.

    I hope this helps.

    TO MAKE MY POINT CLEAR: August 19, 2021. There are 72 lines of code on My Crafts Web page. (See Code Below)

This code only produces a few line of words on my Crafts Web page.


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