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BELOW: TOO many references to I.
AND is used 8 times.

  • WRITING:   Writing for me has been a life saver. It has allowed me to keep notes and write up to a 400 page novel and still Thirst for MORE!

    At the University level, I was the one the class usually drafted to orchestrate the elements of classroom presentations and I have given speeches in front of more than a hundred people at a time. I was nearly always select to give presentations starting in Junior High School when I was selected to give a presentation in front of the school about books I had read and our classroom library.

    I have multiple copyrights and have attempted to publish my own books. I have been published in letters to the editor in multiple newspapers and briefly wrote for Modern Photography before it stopped publication many years ago.

    I had no idea Life Over 56 would be take off so QUICKLY. I am responding to the number of people who have encouraged me to keep going. I particularly would like to thank Angie who expressed disappointment when I closed my cartoon Website. That is why there is a lot of humor incorporated into Life Over 56.

    In Junior High School the band had a presentation for the school in the auditorium where I played Whispering Hope on the Trombone. I still fell deeply moved by the music because it is so peaceful. And the trombone was the perfect instrument for me at the time.

    I just had to write something about that experience. I can still feel the emotion I had when the whole school started clapping. I bring those feelings with me to Life Over 56.com.


    Writing for me has been a life saver. It has allowed me to keep notes and write up to a 400 page novel and still Thirst for MORE!

    Writing and Public Speaking have been my passions since Junior High school.

    This says most of what the first half is about. It clearly says the same thing as "I LOVE WRITING and PUBLIC SPEAKING."

    NOW Let's fix the WORDINESS. A better way to fix this case is to use a LIST of accomplishments instead of trying to describe them in a story style.

    TABLES or LISTS get to the point like a grocery list. What store or where we go is irreverent. It is is a given.

    There are two kinds of list commonly used in computer based writing. An ordered list & A unordered ordered list.

  1. Ordered lists are numbered lines 1,2,3 etc.
  2. Line 2
  3. Line 3 etc.

  • While unordered lists use BULLETS - CIRCLES - DOTS etc instead of numbers
  • Line 2
  • Line 3 etc.

Usually dots are less distracting than numbers. However, in a very long list, numbers can help locate certain items faster.

Will continue this later. There is also a time shift problem that needs to be fixed: Junior High School is near the last paragraph when it should be first.

It is OK to use (I) when one is referring to them self, however a little "I" goes a long way.

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